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LASIK or Lasik, commonly referred to as laser vision correction, is a type of laser eye surgery to correct vision problems such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism. During LASIK, a special type of laser is used to precisely change the shape of the dome-shaped clear tissue at the front of your eye (cornea) leading to an improved vision without the need of glasses or contact lenses. Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgery is the best known, most commonly performed & FDA approved laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems.



LASIK can change the way you see forever! Imagine being able to wake up to a crystal clear view of your world without having to reach for your glasses first thing in the morning, to no longer feel awkward about your appearance with thick glasses, to be able to see sharp and clear, from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to bed. LASIK surgery offers a highly successful approach to permanently improving your vision without having to use glasses or contact lenses again. At Navjyoti, we bring to you a world-class Lasik experience at a reasonable lasik surgery cost in Dehradun. 



LASIK is the safest, most effective procedure that's ever existed in eye-care. Its satisfaction rating among patients who’ve had the procedure is remarkably high (99%) even in the long term. Lasik procedures are very safe. These procedures are also US-FDA approved (the highest safety assessment authority in the world). However, like any other surgical procedure, it can have some complications which are extremely rare if a proper screening check is done prior to the procedure. Overall, LASIK is considered safe and effective to give you the benefit of improved vision.

Know Your Options in Specs Removal - LASIK - Laser Surgery



Contoura Vision is the latest advancement in Specs Removal by Laser Vision Correction. Just like your fingerprints are unique to you, Contoura Lasik creates a procedure completely unique to your eyes and treats imperfections in your cornea along with specs power correction.

        Sharpest Vision Outcome

        Completely Personalized 

        Latest & Safest Technology

        Better Depth & Richness of Vision

        Most recommended by Experts



Get the advantage of double laser making your lasik experience even safer. Blade-free LASIK involves the use of two lasers, first being the

Femtosecond Laser used to create a more precise & truly customized

ultra thin lasik flap as per the shape of your cornea without any blade.

        iFS 150 - Highest Precision

        100% Bladeless LASIK

        Faster Visual Recovery

        Customised Lasik Flap possible

        Added Safety with Femtolaser



StreamLight is an intelligent form of Trans-Epithelial PRK in which a corneal flap is not raised. Specially designed for patients with thin corneas, it is another new advancement in specs removal by laser with a completely touch-less and flap-less laser procedure.

        No Corneal Flap Raised

        Touch-Less LASIK with No Cut

        Superior to Traditional PRK

        Safer for People with Thin Cornea

        Optimized ablation profile



In this technique, the corneal flap is lifted by the microkeratome instead of the Femto-laser. The difference from conventional Lasik is that the corneal flap created is much thinner.

The final visual results in SBK Lasik are also very good because of our 500 Hz high precision excimer laser.

        Better than Conventional LASIK

        Thin LASIK Flap

        Flap Raised with Micro Instrument

        WaveLight Wavefront technology

       Fast Eye Tracker - for Centration  

Femto Lasik
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