FEMTO CONTOURA VISION – Beyond Lasik, Beyond Smile


Contoura Vision is a topography-guided laser system, which means that instead of just treating your spectacle power this technology also records and treats imperfections in your individual corneas and optical systems, resulting in a crystal clear vision with better depth focus and richness in your vision quality. The treatment is also centred on the visual axis of the eye with the help of the fastest tracker in the world, making it safer and more precise than Lasik & Smile. Studies have shown that in fact, Contoura Vision treatment for vision correction has even provided patients vision better than 6/6 (6/6 vision is usually considered vision of normal individuals) in as many as 40% patients




Just like your fingerprints are unique to you, Contoura Vision Lasik creates a procedure completely unique to your eyes delivering an unmatched outcome in specs removal surgery

Navjyoti Eye Hospital's Dehradun Wave Lasik Centre is an official Contoura Vision centre in Dehradun. Lasik Expert, Dr. Vinod Arora has more than 30 years of experience in specs removal surgeries and offers Contoura Vision in Dehardun. Femto Contoura Vision is the latest and safest form of Lasik and is most recommended by experts world over. Having brought this recent advancement to Dehradun, Navjyoti Eye Hospital receives patients from all over North India who opt for nothing but the best - Contoura Vision Lasik. Moreover, the Contoura Vision cost in Dehradun is lower than Delhi NCR and other large cities. Only a few eye specialists in India have the training and experience to do this procedure. With Dr. Arora's extensive training and experience with Contoura Vision we have had excellent results in patients opting for this customised treatment for vision correction.


Treats Corneal Irregularities

Contoura Vision with a special Topolyser is able to map and remove corneal irregularities


Highest Standards of Safety

Contoura Vision has been approved by US-FDA as the safest eye surgery available today

Also Contoura Vision Means:

No Blade

No Pain

No Stitches

No Injections

No Bandage

No Hospitalization

Walk in - Walk Out Specs Free

Contoura Vision Highlights.png

Contoura Vision brings you this depth and

richness by completely redefining your quality of vision