Navjyoti Eye Hospital has been a pioneer in high-quality vision care for more than three decades. Rated as one of the best eye hospitals in Dehradun, we offer a full range of modern ophthalmic treatments to our patients visiting us from all over North India. Navjyoti was founded by Dr Vinod Arora in 1989 when he set up his eye clinic in Dehradun and introduced refractive surgery for spectacles removal in the region. Today, Navjyoti Eye hospital has grown into a leading Lasik surgery centre and has consistently ranked among top 5 eye hospitals in Dehradun. Our best eye specialists provide advanced eye care services at affordable prices for everyone using the latest diagnostics and surgical technologies. By maintaining the highest levels of quality as well as safety and having a well-trained expert care team, we have been able to achieve a very high Lasik success rate and have empowered thousands to lead a spectacle free life.




Advanced Femtosecond Laser for Blade Free LASIK 

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Zepto Laser Cataract Surgery

The latest advancement in Cataract Surgery

“In my opinion Navjyoti Eye Hospital is the best eye hospital in Dehradun. The staff and doctors treated me very well.”

Anita Bisht

“I got my mother's cataract surgery done here. The process was very smooth and my mother can see clearly now.”

Vijay Sharma

“A big thanks to the entire team. My Lasik experience was very comfortable with no pain & clear vision from next day itself.”

Rohit Goyal

“Navjyoti Eye Hospital is the best place to get LASIK. Dr. Vinod Arora is very caring and answered all my queries related to Lasik.”

Amit Joshi


Narender Singh, 81 yrs old, was brought to our centre, sad and hopeless as he had been practically blind for the last 6 months. He had developed a complicated type of cataract in both his eyes in which surgery was difficult and therefore had been denied treatment at the eye doctors he had previously visited. Hailing from a very small hill town in remote Garhwal, age-related cataract in his eyes had gone unnoticed till it had become severe now, leading to near-total blindness

Narender underwent an advanced eye surgery at Navjyoti Eye Hospital in which a special kind of lens was implanted in his eye and fixed with surrounding tissue to create extra support. After a carefully guided followup treatment plan executed by Dr. Arora post-surgery, Narender's vision was restored and brought back happiness to his life.

The story of patient: Narender Singh, March 2019